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Our expeditions are rated to assist you in choosing the trip that’s right for you. Because of the moderate agility required on most expeditionary-class ships, the M/V Catalyst, in sea kayaks, in skiffs or Zodiacs, or on raft-based trips, participants with significant medical
issues—physical disabilities, wheelchair-confinement, chronic heart disease and/or severe respiratory illnesses requiring supplemental oxygen, or any other known and potentially debilitating medical conditions—are advised NOT to register for these trips. By forwarding the registration form and your deposit, you are certifying that you are in good physical health and capable of performing all normal activities without assistance.

(1) EASY: Hotel, lodge, ship, or small boat-based
trips, no camping, hikes of up to 2 miles, and minimal
exposure to high elevations.

(2) EASY TO MODERATE: Lodge, ship, or
camping based, hikes of 2-4 miles, optional sea kayaking,
small plane travel, and moderate elevation gains.

ship, small plane, small boat or raft-based, remote
wilderness localities, possible primitive camping, and
trail or off-trail hikes of up to 6-8 miles, at elevation.

(4) STRENUOUS: Expeditionary and rugged
in nature, primitive camping, full-day hikes in
steep mountainous terrain, as well as possible sea
kayaking or whitewater rafting.


To register for one of Cloud Ridge’s seminars, fill
out the registration form and send it to us, along
with your non-refundable deposit. In the event a trip
is full, we’ll add your name to a wait-list and promptly
return your deposit. The balance of all tour fees is due
90 days prior to the trip departure date, unless otherwise
noted or unless other arrangements have been
made. Registrations received within 90 days of departure
must include payment in full.


To protect your travel investment in the event of illness
or injury to you or to a family member prior to or
during a trip, we strongly advise that all participants
purchase trip insurance, including a trip cancellation/
interruption policy
and/or emergency medical
evacuation coverage
. All international expedition
outfitters require medical emergency/evacuation
coverage. Emergency evacuation from remote wilderness
areas is expensive and not included in standard
medical insurance policies. Participants covered by
Medicare are advised that Medicare does not provide
coverage for individuals traveling outside the U.S.
Don’t leave home without it!


All cancellations must be made in writing. Because
we must send payments to our travel suppliers well in
advance of our departures, we cannot offer refunds
beyond those described below. We appreciate your
understanding! Cancellation refunds are made
according to the following schedule:

• Cancellation received 90 days or more
prior to a trip’s departure, all trip costs, less
the deposit, will be refunded. The deposit will also be
refunded if we are able to fill your space from a waitlist.

• Cancellation received less than 90 days prior to
departure, no refund is possible unless we can fill your
space from a wait-list.


Click Here to download our REGISTRATION FORM in PDF format.


Cloud Ridge Naturalists is a nonprofit, tax-exempt
501(c) 3 organization providing educational
opportunities in the natural sciences and financial
support to entities and individuals conducting research
in critical areas of conservation concern. You can
become a Supporter ($25) or a Sponsor ($50 or
more). We welcome your donations with gratitude. All
contributions help support our conservation mission!


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