Cloud Ridge Naturalists
  A Word About Us

Cloud Ridge Naturalists is one of the oldest and most respected nonprofit field schools in the West. Over the past thirty years, several thousand people have experienced the special blend of environmental education and exploration that Grouse LogoCloud Ridge offers. Our commitment to providing the finest in natural history education and environmentally responsible travel remains our mission and the cornerstone of our program. The educational vision behind what we do relies on a multidisciplinary perspective well grounded in state-of-the-art science. Just a glance through the biographies of our leaders should convey the excellence of our faculty—their expertise, talent, and passion for teaching are unsurpassed!

We spend our days in some of the world’s most beautiful wilderness areas—recognizing their importance to conservation but also their increasing fragility as global environmental change reshapes the world as we’ve known it. Wherever we travel, and by whatever means—expedition ship, boat, raft, sea kayak, or on foot—we work only with outfitters whose environmental ethics and operating principles parallel our own. Humpback whale fluke, photo by Audrey BenedictOur field seminar groups are kept small and congenial, creating the best possible atmosphere for learning and discussion. We select fine lodging or picturesque campsites that have a strong sense of place, and make every effort to live up to our legendary reputation for excellent food. We always take your comfort, safety, and enjoyment seriously— even in the most remote field settings. Because we recognize the powerful role that conservation photographers, writers, and other artists play in environmental education and advocacy, you’ll find seminar offerings that address these skills as well.

Not surprisingly, more than 80% of our participants each year have traveled with us before. That matters to us! Whatever your interests, our trips open a magical window on the natural world. We strive to be the best—come join us!

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