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The Catalyst
Island Dreams:
A Catalyst Voyage to British Columbia’s Discovery Coast
   C O N T E N T S
September 3-14, 2004
Leaders: Ron Russo, Linde Waidhofer, Lito-Tejada-Flores & Audrey Benedict

Journey aboard the Catalyst as we embark on another exploratory voyage to the magnificent, mist-shrouded fjords and ancient forests of northern and central British Columbia. Departing from Ketchikan, we leave the standard cruise routes of the Inside Passage behind as we enter Hecate Strait and encounter the magical archipelagos of the Discovery Coast.

A plenitude of islands, many marking the tops of submerged mountains, lend their complexity to the remote, outer coast as far as the eye can see. Our passage through this island wilderness reminds us that coastal life is governed by the sea’s rhythms and we turn our attention to navigating a watery maze of channels, passes, and reaches. Strange, reversing tidal rapids — like sea-bound rivers — are common here, impressing us with their power and purpose. Where salmon-spawning streams empty into the bays and inlets, the jade-green waters carry the haunting scent of ghost salmon returning to the sea.

Against a backdrop of sheer cliffs, plunging waterfalls, and glacier-topped mountains, we find ourselves in the midst of a wilderness world offering superb opportunities for photography, sea kayaking, tidepool explorations, and wildlife watching.

Group Limit: 11
Trip Rating: 2

Price: $3,700 ($600 deposit required to reserve space)

**This trip is currently wait-listed.

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